Best known as a founding member of beloved Canadian alt-rockers the Grapes of Wrath, Salt Spring Island-based singer/songwriter Tom Hooper spent his formative years on-stage with his brother Chris in the British Columbian punk outfit Gentlemen of Horror. In 1983 the Hoopers, along with fellow B.C. singer/songwriter Kevin Kane, formed The Grapes of Wrath, and spent the remainder of the ’80s and the early part of ’90s releasing critically acclaimed albums like Treehouse, Now & Again, and These Days, the latter of which spawned the Tom Hooper-penned hit singles “You May Be Right” and “I Am Here.” The Hooper brothers released two albums under the name Ginger after the Grapes disbanded, and in 2003, Tom issued his solo debut, The Unexplored Cosmos, much of which appeared again digitally on 2009′s Songs from the Trailer.In 2013 the Grapes of Wrath released the critically acclaimed album High Road, which spawned the hit single Good To See You,the first top 40 single for the group since the 90′s! Tom has since released his solo album’s Basement Suite and Tom’s Journey Through the Solar System in 2015.abbyroad