The Bear

From my upcoming book “Grandpa Shui and Other Observations” The Bear Chapter one -Timothy Thompson My name is Timothy Thompson,I am a retired professional football player and current sportscaster for BBC 1… I have always dreamed of going into the wild alone and living off the land,to push myself in ways I’ve never been pushed,to see how I would react… Read more →


TALES From The Road: Falling star

Monthly Column for Monday Magazine, Victoria BC, Published Dec 30, 2013. Hotel balcony lesson number one: when going out onto a hotel balcony, if you are closing the door behind you, make sure it doesn’t lock you out! This happened to me a few years ago. I went out onto the balcony at my hotel after a gig and closed… Read more →

Roller Rink

TALES From The Road: Run out of Cranbrook

 Monthly column for Monday Magazine, published September 19, 2013. Back before I was in the Grapes of Wrath, my brother Chris and I had a punk rock band called Gentlemen of Horror. We would put on concerts around our hometown of Kelowna and occasionally make the big drive to Vancouver. Since we lived in such a small town and had… Read more →